A Liar is a Coward. A Perjurer is a Criminal. The Rathbun, Rinder, DeVocht Conspiracy (continued)


Actually, it’s no surprise that shortly after confessing, Rathbun suddenly departed. After all, the threatening external battles had ended and the Church was able to dedicate all its resources to constructive activity—which is precisely what a psychotic cannot stand. In the Founder’s words describing those afflicted with psychosis:

They stay on as long as it can be made bad or there is hope it can be destroyed. Then when attention is given to improvement, they blow.”

Such was the case with Rathbun, Rinder and DeVocht (not mentioned so far if only because his involvement was so insidiously hidden). Yet there was something else: a matter of self-importance. All of them left with the hope the Church would come “begging” them to return to “save the day.”

  • Rathbun, in his own words, was awaiting the next “war,” which, thanks to his departure, never appeared.

  • Rinder, similarly in his own words, awaited the next PR flap or legal case which, thanks to his departure, never materialized.

  • DeVocht, also in his own words, awaited the request for his “construction skills” which, thanks to his departure, were never less needed as new Churches began arising on every continent now that construction projects were not being mismanaged by him.

Then there was the fact that each of them intended on “proving” how competent they were by becoming “world shakers” in the private sector. Rathbun said he’d create global learning programs in five years. Rinder would be a PR genius. And DeVocht one supposes imagined himself as the next mega-industrialist.


  • Rathbun burnt through his several-hundred-thousand-dollar inheritance (with debts—credit cards or otherwise—amounting to $0.00 on his departure) and another hundred thousand dollars of assets in less than five years. Afterwards, he was next reported to be selling beer in a park. He was then reportedly pushing a broom—while “trying” his hand at “writing screenplays” for Hollywood.

  • Rinder was selling used cars. When that proved too taxing for him, since it required he show up for work, he turned to telemarketing. Whereupon the firm he joined fell apart within months.

  • DeVocht became a repo man, selling goods from repossessed storage lockers on eBay—a far cry from his previous life where his well-to-do wife (whom he abandoned) provided him with Armani suits and a steady allowance. His career as a 21st-century “Donald Trump” was next reflected in his career as a refurbisher of used furniture. He lost that job too.

In summary and substance, then, they were all busted, broke and bitter. And since it was now clear they’d never again enjoy the life they had and threw away through misconduct, they’d “get even.”

And they’d do so by resuscitating their career of crime which had been their undoing. Namely, lying and suborning perjury.

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